Our purpose is to help creative people achieve commercial success!

Unique concept – proactive – close working relationship – fixed fee – no hour-counting!

Would you like to have total control of your value chain?

We help more than 100 companies. We know what works and what doesn’t

Enjoy free access to top-grade consulting services – contracts, shipping, insurance, pension and online.

Knowledge alone isn’t enough – what you need is access.

Design equal business!

If you don’t balance creativity and commerce you’ll never be successful!

We are do’ers by heart!


With passion and ambition DNA helps other people! We are experts in the commercial development of enterprises.

DNA is a highly controversial, unique concept that is radically different from the way companies usually get help to develop their business activities. Our concept unites the very best aspects of the organisational- and consulting world. What we do, is concentrate on your value chain, then we go all-in on your challenges with the support of our commercial network, which counts more than 2,000 resource persons.

We represent a break away from traditional consulting firms, trade associations and other institutions. They usually limit themselves to provide a non-committal, meaningless ‘analysis’. DNA tackles something much harder – the ‘how’ – and helps to make strategies work as part of a company’s daily grind.

Like you, we don’t know what the future holds. But we can help you to fully exploit your resources and capabilities in order to address  the unknown best possibly. We help you create a set-up for designing products, services and experiences and successfully bring them to market.

We believe the future belongs to companies and organisations whose direct contact with the needs of their customers and users, enables them to react to them. We know it takes a lot to win, but we find that success is all about focus and decision-making.

Today, with our intimate knowledge of the creative sector, we are committed to about 100 ambitious companies. We concentrate on pertinent, top-grade, business development – particularly in the areas of sales, internationalisation, communication, identity, recruitment and leadership. In this task we have the support of six active strategic partners, each of which has been carefully selected. They are all at the top of their fields in law, finance, freight, insurance, online media and pension. This composition means that DNA can assist you in making – and implementing – just about any kind of critical business decision. All you have to do is phone us.

We work across segments in the creative industry, creating synergy among our members – both nationally and internationally. Currently, we mainly represent the design, fashion, jewellery, architecture, hospitality and handicraft sectors.

Phone or email us today and join the largest, most effective and most controversial commercial network in Denmark.





We’ve now been working with DNA for more than 2 years, during which DNA has served as an outstandingly pertinent and qualified sounding board. Their many different references and impressive skills clearly create value.””

Christian Schnoor – CEO at Sofie Schnoor






Our purpose is to help creative people achieve commercial success.


In cooperation with Denmark’s most prominent consulting firms created an effective platform that helps your business. Through a dedicated and this cooperation we take sovereign based on your needs


We believe that a clear focus, tight financial and constantly challenge the status quo, are key elements for businesses succeed commercially. We have great expertise in precisely these elements and has established the largest commercial network which means that we can execute specific solutions for companies. Our focus is on the entire value chain, in order to redeem companies’ full potential. We will replace the benefits one can get in a classic association, network or trade – and deliver real value!




Christoffer Ritzau is a former CEO of the danish jewelry industry (Jewellers’ Association) and subsequent CEO for the danish fashion industry (Danish Fashion & Textile). He has over the past 15 years worked with business development in several hundred companies.

Frederik Petersen was most recently CEO of the design-driven company d line a/s, which he still co-owns. Frederik has worked for 15 years in marketing, export, supply chain management and strategy – including six years abroad.

Together they have great insight into the organization world and the private sector. The two promoters skills, knowledge, networking and hands-on experience means that they know all the processes in the value chain and know what works.

” They are brilliant at addressing our company’s particularly situation and looking at our challenges. They then tackle them, specifically and with no beating about the bush”

Thomas Hertz – CEO at Stine Goya

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